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一 歩 千 金 • un pedone mille generali oro • a pawn is worth a thousand golds


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Shogi was created to introduce the ancient game of Japanese chess, known as Shogi (将棋), to Italy.

Compared to the previous website, aims to simplify the learning of the game and facilitate communication with non-Italian players through translations in English and Japanese.

The Italian Shogi community, with the Italian Shogi Association as its national reference, is growing but does not yet have the same level of participation as in other countries. For this reason, providing translations in different languages should facilitate interaction with numerous foreign players. While we do not guarantee perfect translations, especially for Japanese, welcomes corrections and suggestions.

In the future, the website will introduce basic explanations in Italian, accompanied by translations in English and Japanese.

It is not uncommon to find that original Japanese terms have been “transformed” rather than translated into Western languages, likely to make it easier to relate Shogi to chess.

For example:
Torre (Italian) ⇐ Rook (English) ⇐ 飛車 (kanji) ⇔ ひしゃ (hiragana) ⇔ Hisha (romaji) ⇒ Flying Chariot (English) ⇒ Carro Volante (Italian).

For this reason, we will strive to transition to the use of original Japanese terms (romaji) as quickly as possible and, whenever feasible, explain concepts in the simplest and most easily translatable way (hopefully).



The Italian texts have been translated into English and Japanese with the assistance of “automatic translators”. This became necessary due to the use of technical terms typical of chess and not used in common language. Nevertheless, the limitations of automatic translation software are evident.

In the near future, if possible, we will attempt to correct the texts with the help of more experienced collaborators. In this case, the corrected texts will be signed in the agreed-upon manner with the collaborator.

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